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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Case Study

Bunch Flower Vase by Naoto Kukasawa

It looks like a bunch of flowers, with the stems gathered together as if it were the perfect bouquet. The Bunch vase is an ironic combination of a container and its contents inspired by the oriental art of ikebana, in which flowers and other elements of natural origin are arranged to form elegant compositions.

flower vase

glossy ceramic

white, black

I like it cause the vase is designed in a way that when you put flowers into the vase,it will looked arranged.I guess you'll have to research on how flowers are arranged before you can design this vase.It feels very classy,modern too. :)

K-Series Lamps by Shiro Kuramata

Shiro Kuramata's lamps could be called modern art.
Their shades convey an airy impression, like coverings of soft, white cloth.
The soft light flowing throughout the shade casts a relaxing spell.
The shades are hand-made, piece by piece, giving rise to natural form, and giving each space an individual character.The electronic device used will most probably be any light bulb,not too much complications.

I like it as the lamp is very unique.The first look I thought when I saw it was a piece of cloth.It's really cool and I don't get to see these kind of designs everywhere.

Monroe Chair by Arata Isozaki

Although Arata Isozaki is an architecture,he had designed this Monroe chair.It's a very great design and it gives a very traditional feeling.Arata Isozaki only designed buildings,structures etc...This is his first design chair! In the front vew,it looks very straight but when you look at the sides,its inorganic.I like the backrest :D

I've decided to use Japanese designers for all 3 products. :) Im sure Japanese deisgns can inspire me somehow.Or rather,inspire me their style.Thats all for now. :D

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